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Resources and Publications

Below we have information on topics, groups, and publications to better help you navigate tough end-of-life decisions.

Complaint Form for Consumers

We are providing a complaint form for consumers to use if they need to reach out to our governmental officials for resources and help. 

National FCA Online Bookstore

The National Funeral Consumers Alliance sells many physical books and downloadable pamphlets in their online bookstore.

California State and U.S. Federal Government Nonprofit Compliance Checklist

Happy Spring to all Affiliates!

The warmer weather and our agenda for this year have encouraged the State Board to create some tools for your use. The first tool we have developed contains the State and Federal Nonprofit Compliance List in a condensed format. We hope that your Board and Treasurer will benefit from this information.  Click below.

Questions to ask Crematories and Funeral Homes

Finally in this newsletter I wanted to share another tool that I used to interview funeral homes. It is called “Questions to ask Crematories and Funeral Homes.” For affiliates who are attempting to find cooperating funeral establishments this may be of use. Click below.

What's Your Funeral IQ?

Another tool for affiliate use at community educational talks is “What’s Your Funeral I.Q.?” Once we can actually meet with the public again this may be a handy tool to have in your tool box. I developed this one-page handout for use when I volunteered at my local FCA and it was a good icebreaker and discussion prompter for the audience. Click below.

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