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Below we have information on topics, groups, and publications to better help you navigate tough end-of-life decisions.

Articles of Interest from Funerals Consumers Alliance (National)

The Federal Trade Commission wants to hear from Americans—this is your chance to help make a lasting difference for grieving people. The FTC’s “Funeral Rule” may be amended, and we need your help to convince the FTC to update this important consumer regulation.

What’s at stake? Your ability to get accurate funeral pricing information in real time. See, the funeral business is one of the only retail sectors that won’t disclose prices online. Have you ever been to a funeral home website? Try it. Open up another browser window, and visit just one or two funeral home websites. Just the first two in your town to come to mind.

Complaint Form for Consumers

We are providing a complaint form for consumers to use if they need to reach out to our governmental officials for resources and help. 

National FCA Online Bookstore

The National Funeral Consumers Alliance sells many physical books and downloadable pamphlets in their online bookstore.

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