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Further Resources and Like-Minded Organizations

The Funeral Consumers Alliance of California takes pride in building our network of supportive, educational, and conscientious end-of-life care groups. Please note that all links are for informational purposes only, as the FCA does not provide endorsements.


As our network grows, please continue to check back here. If you'd like to suggest a group, please contact us.

Final Passages

From the Final Passages website:


Final Passages is a non-profit organization, founded in 1995, offering education for personal and legal rights concerning home or family-directed funerals and final disposition (burial and cremation). It is our intention to re-introduce the concept of funerals in the home as a part of family life and as a way to de-institutionalize death. We are dedicated to a dignified and compassionate alternative to current funeral practices.


Final Passages is affiliated with the National Home Funeral Alliance.


You can find them here.

A Completed Circle-Healing at Home

From the A Completed Circle Facebook page:


​End of life care, respite for families, care for the deceased, assist with after life bathing, home funerals, green burials, opening plots [when allowed], after care for family. Shrouds.


A Completed Circle is based out of Garden Valley, CA.


You can find them here and on Facebook.

San Francisco Bay Area Network for End-of-Life Care

From the SFEOL website:


Our mission is to offer support and build community among all those involved in end-of-life care in the Bay Area; to work toward improvement of end-of-life care by increasing public awareness through education, by identifying and filling end-of-life needs in diverse communities, and by strengthening local resources in all areas of end-of-life care. 


You can find them here.

Final Footprint

Final Footprint provides a line of affordable and environmentally-friendly green burial products and education to help people return to traditional burial with the environment in mind. They are currently working with the Funeral Consumers Alliance Council and multiple environmental organizations to integrate natural burial into existing open space throughout the United States.


You can find them here.

Full Circle Living and Dying Collective

From the Full Circle website:


We are trained Death-Care midwives, Home Funeral Guides, ministers, arrangement counselors, conversation facilitators, educators, vigil guides, End-of-Life caregivers for the Dying, Grief Ritual Specialists, Cremains glass blowers, and individuals whose gift is guiding and educating the community about all topics of conscious dying, and after death care. 


Our calling is to be of service at end of life with dignity and grace. Our intention is to empower families and communities in bringing back the tradition of home death care.


Full Circle Living and Dying Collective serves Nevada County, Grass Valley, Nevada City, Auburn, Sacramento and beyond


You can find them here.

National Home Funeral Alliance

From the National Home Funeral Alliance website:


The NHFA is a non-profit, all volunteer organization that is the leading body of home after after-death care support and education in the country.


You can find them here.

Integral Thanatology provides education and consultation to promote "the interdisciplinary, cross-cultural study of the life-death threshold."


You can find more information here.

Sacred Crossings

From the Sacred Crossings website: 


Our mission is to alleviate fear and suffering at the end of life by providing education and support for conscious dying and home-based after death care.


The Sacred Crossings Institute for Conscious Dying offers offers workshops and classes in conscious dying and a certificate program in The Art of Death Midwifery. Students are both professional and non-professional end-of-life caregivers and those wishing to further their spiritual growth by exploring the dying process.


The Sacred Crossings Funeral Home will offer a full range of services including cremation, burial, funerals and memorials.


Sacred Crossings operates out of Southern California.


You can find them here.


From the SevenPonds website:


SevenPonds promotes a healthy attitude towards the process of death by encouraging a meaningful experience that is in harmony with the environment. We are a contemporary resource for those who wish to celebrate memory and personalize the end-of-life. At SevenPonds, we believe that cremation and natural burial are the new traditions.


SevenPonds is based out of Albany, CA.


You can find them here.

Natural Transitions Magazine

Natural Transitions Magazine puts out a magazine related to natural burial and home funerals in both hard cover and free PDF versions.


From the Natural Transitions website:


We are a non-profit RESOURCE CENTER 501(c) (3) providing education on conscious, holistic, and green approaches to end of life, including family-directed home-based after-death care also known as “home funerals.”


You can find more information, back issues, and the current issue here.

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