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Planning Ahead

Although it is not always possible, planning ahead for your funeral or the funeral of a loved one will help you optimize your budget and protect you from scams and predatory pricing. It also allows you to focus on saying goodbye rather than on making tough choices in a short amount of time.

First Steps

You can ease the burden on family and friends by planning in advance of need.


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Frugal Funerals

Doing as much as you can yourself can really help, and there are many organizations that can help you through this process or tell you how to maximize your benefits.


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Indigent Burial

The law designates each county’s Public Administrator as the place of last resort for body disposition. Usually the Coroner or the Sheriff’s Department can give instructions. Each county will have its own procedure. 


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Additional Options 

Interested in being buried at sea? Would you like your ashes scattered?


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