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What to Do If You've Had a Problem

With a Funeral Provider

First, consult the Federal Trade Commissions “Funeral Rule” to determine if the provider has broken a law. Examine the mortuary’s written contract which a member of your family signed, as this is a legally binding contract. The fine print is especially important to read.


Next, contact the provider, visit with a friend who is your witness, explain the problem, and see if the funeral director is willing to correct it or at least explain (in writing) why the charge or type of service was provided or not provided. If a resolution still can’t be reached, call your local FCA, and/or contact one of the government agencies listed below.

Federal Trade Commission

Toll-free complaint center: 1-877-FTC-HELP (382-4357). 

 You can file the complaint online at

The Cemetery and Funeral Bureau

As part of the California Department of Consumer Affairs, the CFB licenses, examines, and investigates complaints about funeral homes, cemeteries, crematories, and cremated remains disposal services in California.


1625 North Market Blvd., Ste. S208

 Sacramento, CA 95834

General: 916-574-7870; Complaints: 800-952-5210

To check the status of a business regulated by the CFB, visit

Better Business Bureau

California Attorney General

To report consumer fraud, funeral insurance problems, elder abuse or patient neglect, call your county’s district attorney. The district attorney’s office also provides information about crime victim services, adult protective services, public administrator, guardian, or conservator issues.

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