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AB 2139 (Eggman)
This amendment to the Health and Safety Code, would apply the provisions to an agent under a power of attorney for health care as well as the patient who has a terminal illness diagnosis. The bill would additionally require the health care provider to notify the patient (or agent) of the patient’s right to comprehensive information and counseling regarding legal end-of-life care options regarding treatment, costs, availability of insurance and eligibility for coverage, and referral to the appropriate entity. 9/25 Chaptered
Funeral Legislation Passed in 2014
Read more about these bills here.

AB 2214 (Fox)
This would amend the Business and Professions Code to require a course in geriatric care as a continuing education requirement for emergency room physicians. The law already includes, but is not be limited to, the following end-of-life training requirements: pain and symptom management, psycho-social dynamics of death, dying and bereavement, hospice care, and elder abuse detection and treatment. 9/18 Chaptered
AB 1577(Atkins)
The person completing the death certificate is to record the decedent’s sex to reflect the decedent’s gender identity as reported in certain other documents, including birth certificates, court orders, passport, proof of clinical treatment for gender transition, and advanced health care directive. 9/26 Chaptered
AB 1629 (Bonta)
Amends the Crime Victim Compensation law (already reimbursing up to $7,500 of funeral and burial expenses and other named expenses as direct result of the crime) to include the use of “violence peer counselors.” 9/25 Chaptered.
AB 2279 (Hagman)
This bill would amend the existing Insurance Code so that life or death-insurance salespeople can sell up to $20,000 worth of insurance or annuities toward payment of funeral and burial expenses and avoid taking the full life agent examination to obtain a license. Existing law says up to $15,000 worth of insurance. 7/9 Chaptered  
AB 1755 (Gomez)
Concerns breaches of patients’ medical information and the need to disclose this at a clinic, health facility, home health agency, or hospice. 9/18 Chaptered
AB 1291 (Nielsen)
Third reading Assembly July 3, 2014--Expands the use of the Halcumb Cemetery District in Kern County to allow up to 400 interments, not to exceed 40 interments each calendar year. 8/25 Chaptered