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SB 119 (Calderon)
Previously the law allowed only four things to be burned in cremation chambers: human remains, their containers, items used for disease control, and personal effects of the deceased. This bill allowed the separate incineration of one or more American flags within one week before or after three holidays (Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day), and to keep records for 10 years. Chaptered Sept. 6
Funeral Laws Passed in 2013
Read more about these laws here.
AB 803 (Gomez)
Water Recycling Act of 2013. Relates to maintenance of cemetery grounds. Specifies that hose bibs are approved for use at cemeteries supplied with disinfected tertiary treated recycled water. Cemeteries must post visible signage that the water is not potable. Chaptered Oct. 8
AB 1297 (Perez/Anderson)
Coroners: organ donation. Authorizes information sharing between coroners and organ procurement organizations (OPOs) regarding cases in which organ or tissue may be available from a person whose death is imminent. Requires coroners and medical examiners to assist in its implementation, cooperate with OPOs to maximize opportunity to recover anatomical gifts. Authorizes OPOs to notify a coroner, prior to the donor’s death, of a donation. It requires the coroner to accept notification if it will facilitate coroner’s work within a time period compatible with donation. Chaptered Sept. 24
AB 464 (Daly)
Alters the form and method of requesting certified copies of birth, death, marriage, or military service records. Existing law states which people are authorized and the procedure to receive the records. This would additionally authorize the request and the notarized statement to be a digitized image, as defined, for the B-M-D certificates and remove military service records from the list, as requests for certified copies of those records are subject to different provisions of existing law. A specific form will be used for certificate of proof. Chaptered Aug. 12
SB 106 (Manning)
Amended the Military and Veterans Code Sec. 1453 to ensure that the Endowment Fund has adequate principal to allow sufficient investment earnings, and, with all other estimated revenue sources, will fund the administrative and oversight costs for each of the next 10 years at California Central Coast State Veterans Cemetery at Fort Ord. Chaptered June 28